We are having our very first Fundraiser. The money collected from this fundraiser will be used to support our group and our website. The fundraiser consists of Shoe Sizes, whatever a person Shoe size is will be the amount that we are asking to be donated. If you cannot donate your the amount of your shoe size we will be grateful for what you can donate. Now we are a newly formed group in Salem , NJ. We ask  that if you are intersted in donating to aupport us please send all donations to A Woman Scorned Social Group /P.o Box 742/Salem NJ/08079  Thank you !


09/13/2011 19:46

My donation will be 7.00 beacuse my shoe size is 7.

lasharonda stewart
09/19/2011 16:02

My donation will be 18.00 my shoe sizes and I included my son and daughter sizes 8 and 3...


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